Rock Solid Internet.

A stable internet connection is the cornerstone of modern business. If you’re giving a remote presentation or on a conference call then a fast and flawless connection is a must. Not only do we have the latest dual band* wifi, we also have a professional network setup with wired connections for those that need it.

Spotdesk now offers an always-on wifi internet connection. Our connection hardware is protected by battery backup. All the way from the wifi access point, through the router, to the high speed modem. So as long as you’re working on a laptop (all our customers do) and the telephone exchange doesn’t lose power: they rarely do in power outages, then you’ll remain connected for up to 45 mins after the power has dropped out. Plenty of time to finish that Skype call, or finish drafting your urgent email without the worry of losing your work.

Peace of mind for all our customers, keeping you connected, even when the lights go out!

*dual band allows more computers to connect via wifi without slowing things down quite as much.