A Shared Office

Given recent events you’ve probably tried remote working by now. Working from home can have its benefits – not having to commute to the office, a more relaxing environment and space to get your work done without being interrupted by team mates.

But we know that working from home can also have its distractions: pets, chores can seem more temping than work and often children coming home and interrupting your concentration in the middle of the afternoon.

A coworking space is designed to overcome these problems by providing a professional, well equipped office where you can come and be free of distractions and also get yourself into a work mindset. You leave the house in the morning and return in the evening, you’re ready for work.

Meeting Room

We have a private meeting room which can be booked for longer meetings, or if you have a discussion or private phonecall you’d like to be more discreet about then just pop in there whenever its free.

It can comfortably seat 5 people, maximum 6. We have magnet boards for holding notes and messages to the wall for meetings that require it.

There’s a HD TV mounted on the wall for showing presentations.

If you’d like to book the meeting room then its available for half-days and full-days. (£45 and £60 respectively).

Wi-fi is included in a meeting room booking.


It seems odd to be writing a specific section on this, but we feel its good to reassure our customers about this super important issue.

We have hand sanitiser positioned throughout the office to allow customers to sanitise their hands upon entering and leaving the premesis.

Our towels are washed at least every 2 days and we have hand soap for use in the loo and the kitchen areas. Door handles, light switches and other fixtures and fittings are wiped down with Dettol kitchen wipes regularly.

The spacing of the desks is such that you never have to be too close to another member. We are limiting numbers so that it never gets close to being uncomfortably busy.

If you have any questions about our cleaning policy then please get in touch.

Rock Solid Internet

So when you’re holding an important video conference, maybe a presentation to the boss, you need to know the connection is going to cope. We have an 80Mbit connection with a backup line in case the first one goes down.

Not only do we have dual lines but the connection equipment is also connected to a battery backup system. So if there is a power cut: the internet should stay connected. The battery lasts around 30 minutes, enough for you to finish the presentation or for you to gracefully bow out of a meeting.

What Else?

Occasionally we’ll put on some music in the office, never too noisy or disruptive. Usually when there are fewer folks in the office. We’ll try and have lunch together around the kitchen table if it fits in with everyone’s schedule. One of the many benefits of co-working is that you can have a chat with your new co-workers, that’s better than working from home surely? And when the pubs re-open we’ll go and have a pint or two on a friday together, we can dream can’t we?!